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Find out how you’re doing under the hood.

Finger-prick blood tests from the comfort of your own home.
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Track Yourself

Wondering how your body is doing under the hood? With our convenient, at-home finger-prick blood test, you can track and measure exactly how healthy your body is, allowing you to supplement your body's needs with the right nutrients. Build your own test and choose up to three of the panels you want. Pick between stress, vitamin levels, thyroid, hormones or liver function.

Results You Can Trust

We want to ensure all our customers feel confident and secure in using our services. This is why we use a fully UKAS accredited and CQC registered independent diagnostic laboratory based here, in the UK. With your data protected every step of the way, we still aim to deliver your results within 48 hours from our lab receiving it. To make things easier, your data is automatically imported into your portal and converted into a graph with indicators highlighting where your levels compare against a healthy range.