Join us on our exciting journey and own a part of Alyve.

Please note, your capital is at risk when you invest, especially when investing in startups and early stage businesses. Your email will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

In the few months we've been open, we’ve seen amazing traction and love from all of you, which we’re extremely grateful for.

So in effort to show the rest of the world and help perfect our current operations, we’re coming to you, our amazing customers, with the opportunity to invest as part of our first fundraising round. To invest in our future and own a piece of Alyve.

We’re giving you exclusive access first before we open to the public. Whilst we already have investment from various backers so far, we’ve set aside limited shares to allow the Alyve family members to join us on this journey.

You can even invest as little as £10!


Why are we crowdfunding?

Add exciting new product lines

Whilst our baby is our personalised vitamins, we have many more cards up our sleeves. Exciting new product offerings such as fast acting liposomal gel for energy, sleep and hangovers, single use formulas

Increase marketing efforts

Our dream is to have everyone with a personalised Alyve supplement unique to them. The only way we will be able to achieve this is through bringing awareness to the brand with a strong marketing strategy and a promising marketing budget behind us.

Improve our user experience

We like what we've made so far. But there's so many more plans in the pipelines. We are going to strip back our current strategy and completely replace our plastic bottles you receive every month with a bespoke Alyve glass bottle which will last forever. Whilst we're also going to improve our site to be even more user friendly and engaging with more advanced tech, whilst developing our own app.