How to Get a Better Nights’ Sleep

17 NOVEMBER 2020

Some people have problems falling asleep. Others have trouble staying asleep so that their mind and body is ready to face a new day.

If you struggle with frequent unexpected wake-ups, it can feel like you don’t have enough energy to get through your daily routine. It might even seem like you didn’t get any rest at all, even though you know that you fell asleep quickly.

Does this sound familiar? If so, these reasons could be responsible for your current sleeping habits.

1. Too Much Stress
Stress is the most common reason why sleeping problems occur. Even if you fall asleep quickly with the help of personalised vitamins or melatonin-containing foods, the chemical surge inside of your body can cause you to wake up prematurely.

Countering this problem requires you to think about relaxation. Try to dedicate at least one hour each night to something you enjoy. It should be a low-impact activity, nothing work-related, and as quiet as you can make things.

2. Drinking Alcohol
A night cap before bed sometimes helps you dose off to sleep, right? Whilst it may help you fall asleep, it's the quality of sleep that matters. The problem with wine, beer, or spirits is that it may alter your regular deep sleep periods and REM stage, which are the two most vital phases you experience. Once the alcohol gets processed, the tossing and turning starts, which can result in a worse nights sleep even if you nodded off easily. It is best to avoid drinking any alcohol at least four hours before you try to fall asleep. 

3. Get a Better Mattress
If your mattress is over ten years old, it is probably time to replace it. All materials eventually wear out as they get used, which means a supportive bed can turn into one that triggers back pain, muscle stiffness, and similar unwanted physical symptoms.

When you spend the money to get a better mattress, look for a product that supports the way you sleep. The needs of side-sleepers are different than those who are on their back or stomach. If you cannot afford an upgrade, a pillow-topper or other supportive padding could provide the needed improvements.

4. Toilet Stops
Everyone experiences a wakeup issue for the toilet at some point in their life. It is not considered unusual for a trip to be needed during the night. If you find that you’re waking up at least twice, you might have nocturia or an overactive bladder.

About one-third of adults experience this issue. Try to reduce the number of fluids you consume right before bed. Avoid everything within the last 60 minutes and use the bathroom one final time before settling in for the night.

5. Hot Temperatures
If your bedroom environment is too warm, your body may think it is time to get up when it is still the middle of the night. Your thermostat may not be the only reason for this issue. If your sheets and blankets don’t offer breathability, the increased body temperature could trigger your waking cycle to happen.

Try to keep the environment as cool as tolerable, making sleep a priority as you settle in for the evening. You’ll wake up if it gets too cold, so find an appropriate setting that lets you feel comfortable.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep at Night?

Unless you make sleep a priority, it may be challenging to stay asleep each night.

Personalised nutrition, vitamins, supplements, and proper hydration can all help with this process.

When you include these ideas to help you stay asleep longer, the new habits that get developed may enable your energy levels to start slowly rising.

Even if you struggle with chronic insomnia, these tips can help improve your sleep patterns starting tonight.  

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Alyve Nutrition Team

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