Is Copper Your New Bestie?

15 DECEMBER 2020

Could this metal help with immunity?

We are used to hearing about the well-known vitamins assisting us to ward off illness, so how does this essential trace mineral fit into the frame? Copper appears within certain proteins in our bodies and is crucial for forming red blood cells and what’s more it has the power to kill viruses and bacteria. Virtually every cell in the body needs copper and without it our brains, nervous systems and cardiovascular systems would have a hard time functioning. Research has shown that people deficient in copper can show an increased susceptibility to viral infections.

As well as a naturally occurring metal, copper is one of the body's essential micronutrients, but let’s not think copper pipes, electrical wiring and home decor. Copper is found in many foods, the highest being beef and lambs liver, together with oysters and lobsters. If those foods really aren’t your bag, we can gladly give you another excuse to love dark chocolate as cocoa is also a rich source. Other ready to go sources include nuts, seeds and the trusty oat (what are oats not good for!)

Food aside, drinking water from a copper cup is known to bring a number of health benefits, including killing bacteria and potentially slowing down the signs aging. Now that’s a big tick for us! The unique property of copper was discovered by the Verdic Indians extending back thousands of years within the ancient holistic system we know as Ayurveda which literally translates to ‘knowledge of life’.

We don’t advise reaching for that nice copper vase on the mantel to quench your thirst, as not all copper vessels are created equally. To reap the benefits of drinking out of a copper cup, make sure you rise it with the right solution and fill it 6-8 hours before drinking the water. This practice is not needed for every drop of water drunk. As with most things an excess of anything is not welcomed by our bodies so for this we must be mindful and balance this routine.

There is nothing as simple as drinking water for health and if drinking water out of a copper vessel, supports our immunity we will gladly take a sip.  

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Amy Young

Alyve Nutritionist

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