5 Daily Habits for a Stress-Free Morning

22 February 2021

People regularly tell me that the one positive thing they feel has come out of lockdown is that they have been forced to adopt a slower pace, and they are actually grateful to have been given the time and opportunity to re-evaluate their life in general. Of course, we all have different things going on and undoubtedly many will be working harder than ever, for instance health care workers. I’m sure those out there, juggling work from home with home-schooling would absolutely disagree too. That said, there are many who find themselves well and truly out of the ‘rat race’ and accustomed to a more relaxed existence. People also say to me that they have no idea how they managed to achieve so much in one day before and now the idea of re-establishing some type of morning routine fills them with horror.

So, if you’re one of these people and the idea of returning to your hectic schedule seems incomprehensible, here are 5 daily habits to form which might just help to organise your morning and smooth out the transition.

Stop Hitting the Snooze Button

Delaying the inevitable means you will only give yourself less time to enjoy your morning coffee. Going back to sleep can also mess with your body clock and mean you end up feeling foggy headed and more tired. Get up and get moving!

Make Your Bed Every Morning Before Going Downstairs

This takes minimal mental involvement and means that when you come back upstairs to get ready, your environment is already organised; remember tidy room, tidy mind. It may only be a small accomplishment, but even these can give you a sense of pride which sets the tone for the rest of your day and will likely lead to other positive behaviours.

Get Moving

Morning exercise doesn’t mean you have to get up 2 hours earlier and go to the gym or run 5k. While the kettle is boiling why not see how many star-jumps or burpees you can hit. It may feel like it’s the last thing you want to do but even establishing a 10-minute routine can help to sweep away the cobwebs and encourage self-discipline as well as increase your metabolism.

Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

Many people skip breakfast and rush out the door to work. However, eating something nutritious within an hour of waking can help to regulate your blood sugar levels, give you a well needed energy boost and help you achieve a productive morning. Including a source of protein with breakfast can help to sustain your energy for longer as well as improve your mood, mental alertness and performance. If you are pushed for time, why not prepare you breakfast the night before? Overnight oats with berries, nuts and seeds; boiled eggs and smoothies with protein powder added are all great options.

Get Organised the Night Before

If you know you’re not a morning person, rather than curling up on the sofa straight after dinner spend a small amount of time preparing for the following day: • Get your clothes out ready - saves you thinking about this the following morning. • Prepare your breakfast. • Write your ‘to do’ list for the next day which might also help to clear your mind before going to sleep. • Prepare your lunch – saves you valuable time and money spent on shop bought meal deals (leftovers from dinner make inexpensive and often much healthier lunches). • Prepare you work bag. • Have a quick tidy up – clear home, clear mind!

It takes on average 66 repetitions of any new activity before a new habit is formed, so even if you’re not getting back to work for some time, now’s a good time to start the process. Then hopefully when the time comes round, you’re ready and rearing to go.

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Kelly Youren

Alyve Nutritonist

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